Experts in Digital Assets  – Helping Owners, Engineering and Construction Contractors define, build and maintain their Digital Assets

Where can you find experts that can guide, deliver and support the digital transformation of your engineering and asset information, improving how you manage projects and ensure asset integrity and safety.

By understanding your business, the best way to leverage the data within it, and how to marry technology, people and processes together, our promise is to help you maximize the value of your asset data, improving productivity, safety and reliability across the lifecycle.

DIGATEX can transform your legacy documents and data into fully integrated digitally intelligent documents quickly, accurately and cost effectively.  We harness the power of machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI) to drive our DI-analytics service.

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Our Story

The Process, Power, Construction, Mining, and Marine industries are under tremendous pressure (cost, economic uncertainty, shortage of skilled labour, regulatory and safety issues) to improve the running of their assets and projects, some of which have lifespans of 50 years or more.
With projects increasing in size, cost and complexity access to and collaboration with accurate, contextual engineering information is essential for business success; to build these assets, to keep them safe, to keep them working and to make them profitable.
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Our Vision

Our vision is built around a simple concept that for every physical asset there should exist a digital one.  The digital asset should be a replica in every way, that supports decision making across the asset lifecycle, enabling fast access to engineering data through a visual object centric paradigm.
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